Digital Artworks

3D Renderings

The Gate by Hans Hoffman in 3D

Goblin With Two Swords
Blender and Daz3D

  Video Game Character (Bions)
Blender and Makehuman

Fantasy Illustrations

These works are based on literature and poems from the fantasy genre. 

Into the Melee

Slaying the Dragon

Bilbo Falling Lost in the Goblin Tunnel (based on Chapter 4 of The Hobbit)

Elrond Reading the Moon Runes (chapter 3 of The Hobbit)

Bilbo Picking the Troll's Pocket (chapter 2 of The Hobbit)

Gandalf Scratching Bilbo's Door (J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit)

Goblin Feet (J.R.R. Tolkien)

Jabborwocky (Lewis Carrol)

Digital Portraits

This series of digital paintings uses candid photographs from social situations that I then convert to drawings by using flat shapes with hard edges to capture a face in an abstract yet accurate way.  Converting these digital photographs into digital drawings opens the door for artful exclusion, and moody color selection, and ultimately allows the viewer to experience a person or pose with a perspective that the unfeeling lens of a digital camera cannot offer.

Quote Portraits

This series of digital portraits incorporates candid photographs that have been digitally altered into a visual puzzle that incorporates a quote from each featured person.  The quote simultaneously reveals a glimpse into their personality while obscuring their facial features.  The end result is an ambiguous portrait that captures both a face and a personality in part while disguising the whole.  Each image thus forces the viewer to decide what is humor, what is insight, what is frustration or honest gratitude as well as how each person actually appears.  The viewer's brain is forced to focus on either the person or the personality while never quite getting a complete understanding of either.

Flocking Birds Series

While training to run a marathon I become inspired by the huge clouds of flocking birds that streamed through the sky beneath the autumn sunrise.  Initially I began painting these birds with acrylics as abstract splashes of black silhouette against a glowing sunrise.  As the series progressed the birds evolved into less abstract subjects and I moved away from paint and into the realm of digital collage and photo manipulation.  Using images licensed under the creative commons I pieced together imaginary flocks of birds inhabiting imaginary settings.  As the series further progressed, the birds began to inhabit urban areas and became symbols of our human, collective method of finding our way through this life, flocking together when necessary, splitting away when appropriate, all for the collective good of the species.  (The acrylic paintings for this series can be found here)

Gonzo Europe Series

This series of portraits are based on photographs taken with my digital camera while traveling through Germany.  It was a wild and indulgent trip full of delicious foods and beverages offered to us by some of the most hospitable and fun loving people I have ever met.  These images are intentionally distorted, bordering on the edge of surreal and are full of digital splatters that echo the delicate balance between the controlled party atmosphere and total ruinous mayhem.

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